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222mm F8 Newtonian

 This is my main Telescope.

Apart from the mirrors and focuser its pretty much a homemade tube assembly.

The mirrors are Hinds Optics.
The main mirror is 8 3/4Inches, 222mm.
Its F8 ratio gives a focal length of 1776mm.
The secondary mirror is 38mm diameter.
This is designed for planetry viewing and especially webcam imaging.

The mount is an EQ-5 but on a much more substantial tripod. It's driven by my very own dual drive unit.


150mm F6 Newtonian

I made this telescope from some mirrors I have owned for a few years. I made the telescope to allow me to break it down for travel. This was in preparation for the Venus Transit of June 2004. I was due to be on holiday in Dorset at the time of the transit.

Since then the telescope has proved very useful for Lunar imaging in particular.
I also used it to image Pluto and also for some limited cometary imaging.