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Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun. It is similar in size to Uranus but due to it's greater distance from the earth it is much fainter. Neptune is 30 times further from the sun than the earth and takes roughly 165 years to complete one orbit.

13th October 2006

After two years I have managed to image Neptune and it's moon Triton again.

Roll the mouse over the image to see neptune and Triton labelled.

4th October 2004

This is my first and only image of Neptune. I was happy to find, after some heavy image processing, that I had also captured Neptune's moon Triton. Neptune was pretty low in the sky at the time I took this image which made the detection of Triton much more difficult.

I used a 222mm F8 Newtonian. The CCD was an SC3 modified Vesta webcam.
50 x 3 second exposures stacked in Registax 3.