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In May 2008 I received a PST for my birthday. This has allowed me to image the sun in hydrogen alpha light. This is a very narrow band of light that is emitted by exited electrons of hydrogen. H-alpha filters like the one in in a PST allow the camera to see only red light with a wavelength of 656.3 nanometers.

Follow this link to my images of the sun through the PST.


I have a few images of the Sun made over the years. Opposite is a video of the 11th August 1999 Solar Eclipse. I travelled down to Devon to be in the shadow of the Moon. Unfortunately the skies clouded up about two hours before the eclipse, totally obscuring the view. I believe the rest of the UK was in glorious (if diminished) sunshine. However it was an unforgetable experience to be under the shadow of the moon for two and a half minutes. The video gives a flavour of the experience.
The Video is DivX encoded and is 14 megabytes in size.
You can also download it from here.

The images below are of a sun pillar I witnessed on the 11th September 2005. I also photographed a sun dog before the pillar became visible. Click the image to see more...

This image is of the Partial solar Eclipse of March 29th 2006. As is something of a tradition for me, the eclipse was pretty much clouded out. I did manage to capture the maximum phase (from Manchester) at about 10:30am with a quick five minute video uasing a video camera.